Major Crimes and Any Day Now join the Start TV schedule on August 31

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 13, 2020, 1:09PM    Tags: Programming, News

Start TV is getting even better as we welcome Major Crimes and Any Day Now to the weekday lineup! Starting August 31st, you can start and end your day with these award-winning series.

Let's take a look at the new additions to the Start TV lineup!

Major Crimes 

Weeknights at 8P | 7C - Two full hours!

The majorly beloved crime series picks up from the end of The Closer as newly appointed Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) of the LAPD Major Crimes division works to mend fences and fill the chair left vacant by former Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. Returning stars include G.W. Bailey, Andy Flynn, Julio Sanchez, and Graham Patrick. The show, which set the record for the largest viewership for a series premiere on basic cable, originally ran from 2012–18.

Any Day Now 

Weekday Mornings at 10A | 9C 

Creator Nancy Miller (Saving Grace) weaves the story of two best friends (Annie Potts and Lorraine Toussaint) who grew up on opposite sides of the racial divide in Civil Rights era Birmingham, Alabama. Two decades later, they reunite as adults when one moves home.

Be sure to tune in Monday, August 31st when the all-new lineup begins!

Download the new Start TV schedule:

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Watch Any Day Now on Start TV


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Zina 10 months ago
I love the closer and major crimes I wish their was another way to watch them. I don't have cable to expensive.
YvonneWhite 22 months ago
Just don't mess with major crimes or the Closer. I wake up each day to watch these. 2 great shows.
Karen 22 months ago
I love the addition of Major Crimes I am so impressed. I miss Unforgetable and In Plain Sight I am very disappointed they are my favorites that are moved so late I cant watch them now please work to rearrange them earlier.
Polly 23 months ago
Glad to have a station that showcases shows where women reign!!!
biorngm 23 months ago
Thank you StartTV for the very welcome addition of an excellent television program. I was hoping Major Crimes would appear somewhere soon and it comes to my favorite channel; two episodes M-F works for me. The combination of The Closer and Major Crimes is certainly excellence in all facets of programming, i.e. superior production, writing and actors.
Laurie 23 months ago
Happy to see Major Crimes added to the schedule BUT why no airings on Saturday and Sunday? I'm just not a fan of Ghost Whisperer and now 3 episodes in a row on the weekends? Yuck 😕
Barry Laurie 23 months ago
I couldn’t agree more. Ghost Whisperer is an awful show. Why introduce a new program and have it be the only one on the network that doesn’t air daily?
thomas 23 months ago
I wish they would get Wings. Awesome show
Paula 23 months ago
There are so many worthwhile shows out there that you can't find on any stations. Dallas, dynasty, falcon crest, etc. Try buying those to air!
Yvonne 23 months ago
Wow! The Closer and Major Crimes .... I’m so excited. When I heard Major Crimes was coming, I was afraid you were going to remove the Closer. I love them both. Outstanding ensemble. Brenda & Sharon - YES!!!!

I agree with a previous comment, not a Ghost Whisper fan.
SuzanneDodd 23 months ago
Absolutely excited about Major Crimes joining the lineup and so grateful it is during primetime, just not a Ghost Whisper fan, do think it sucks about Unforgettable moving ... But Thank you so much for My Favorite Major Crimes...
LoriShannonFlores 23 months ago
I am happy to see Major Crimes coming aboard- I wish that u would not have taken off Strong Medicine - u should have taken either Profiler or The Division off instead of Strong Medicine -
Please reconsider
KatieRichersonPittsley 23 months ago
I am not happy with this new lineup.... moving Unforgettable to 1am is not right.
I watch this show faithfully everyday. I wish you did a survey asking your viewers for their input.
I think I'll be finding a new channel to watch.
I watch it 24/7 unless one of the ones I don't like comes on. Hate the Closer, dislike Joan of Arcadia and Cold Case is just too darn sad.
But my all time favorite I can't live without is Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and I love Touched by An Angel too. I got to have those.

They can bring on Bones and Rizzoli and Isles series - those are great too. Maybe someday.
And a great older series that had a huge following - SLIDERS.
Deborah 24 months ago
I am so upset you are replacing Ghost Whisperer with Major Crimes! I really dislike that show and don’t understand why you would put two episodes of that AFTER two episodes of The Closer. The same show with a different main character who is boring as hell! Won’t be watching this channel in the evening!

BrightFeather2 Deborah 23 months ago
Major Crimes is great - you will like it. But the Closer needs to go. It is rather odd they'd have two same series of the same show on one after the other. They should have just replaced the Closer with Major Crimes. That would have been the most logical thing to do.
BrightFeather2 Deborah 23 months ago
From what I read they are keeping Ghost Whisperer too - they are on alternate days with Major Crimes.
Mainey11 24 months ago
So happy Any Day Now is joining the lineup!! Even Happier Major Crimes is being added and that’s its taking the place of Ghost Whisperer on weekdays!
BrightFeather2 Mainey11 23 months ago
Any Day Now will be a new series to me since I've never seen it.
Ghost Whisperer didn't stay on long. Wonder why? Yet the Closer and Good Wife and Joan of Arcadia just keeps hanging on and on and on and on.........
Connie 24 months ago
Please don’t move Unforgettable to 100am!! It’s much too good a show to put on so late. Put them wheRe Cagey and Lacey is or at least In Plain Sight . As a devoted viewer of you’re channel I feel this is wrong.
BrightFeather2 Connie 23 months ago
I'll still watch it at 1 AM. I'm up all night working on my newsletter and the TV is right here I watch as I work. But I look so forward to Strong Medicine. Excellent series. Will miss it terribly. They need to get rid of the Good Wife and Closer and Arcadia.
PamStockley 24 months ago
Very happy about Any Day Now, but sad that Strong Medicine is no longer on. Love that show.
JuanitaVelez 24 months ago
So happy Any Day Now is back on TV!! Though I do wish it were on a little later in the day. Thank you Start!
MariaDittoDitto 24 months ago
Andy Flynn and Julio Sanchez are the characters portrayed by actors Tony Denison and Raymond Cruz. And it's Graham Patrick Martin.

Fact checking aside, I'm so happy that Major Crimes is finally here! Thank you!
MarilynRomanowski 24 months ago
Are they taking Unforgettable and Medium off?
Unforgettable will be on at 1am EST. Medium is still on at 11 & 12 EST
JudyAMerktJaggie 24 months ago
Should have changed Ghost Whisper TIL later. I have seen the beginning to end too many times. I hate that you moved unforgettable
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