3 must-see Start TV episodes this week of August 24

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 21, 2020, 2:09PM

With the end of August means the end of summer drawing near, and a new Start TV lineup on the horizion. But before then we still have a great assortment of television in the week ahead. From celebrity guest stars to inside looks into potential spin-offs, here are three episodes you don't want to miss this week on Start TV!

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman "Thanksgiving" 
Tuesday 25 at 6am P | 5am C

Heading home for Thanksgiving, the stagecoach carrying Mike, Sully, Kid Cole and Sister Ruth is robbed. This special is one of the few guest-star appearances of both Johnny and June Cash. In this episode, Johnny Cash reprises his role of "Kid Cole," the former gunslinger turned sheriff, who is now joined by his newly wedded wife, Sister Ruth (June Cash). 

Crossing Jordan “Sunset Division”
Friday 28 at 1P | 12C

When his hometown sheriff is dropped out of a moving plane over the Wisconsin backcountry, Det. Woody Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell) investigates the murder of his former mentor, following the killer's path to Los Angeles' glitzy Sunset strip. This episode was originally filmed to be a pilot for a spin-off series centered around Detective Hoyt, but it was never picked up.

Ghost Whisperer “Undead Comic”
Friday 28 at 8P | 7C

Melinda discovers a comedy club with a late-night afterlife — and a comic who doesn't quite understand he's dead. This episode features the talented comedy and drama actress Katey Sagal, but known for such roles on Futurama, Sons of Anarchy, Married… with Children, and more.

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Paulette 23 months ago
I wish there was more Sue Thomas, FBEye! Love that show too but apparently it was short lived! Also almost impossible to watch at 4am...unless I'm having a sleepless night. Would love to see that on during the day! But I guess with only a few seasons of wasnt worth putting on during the day...but still a great show!!! I'd never seen it before watching it on StartTV...so thanks for introducing it to me!!!
blonde817 23 months ago
Hi, I started watching Strong Medicine about a year ago when I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and was up all night watching "StartTV" movies. Last weekend I turned on the channel it comes in on and it was gone!!!! Please bring it back, or let me know where I can go to watch it again. Thank you.
billings1952 23 months ago
What have you done with Joan of Arcadia please bring it back
BrightFeather2 23 months ago
I love Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - I can't get through the day unless I see Dr. Quinn and Touched by An Angel. My favorite top two series shows ! They give you something no other series can.

I'm totally over the Narcissist Closer series and I never did like the Good Wife.
So Glad Major Crimes will be on. Replace the Closer with it. Major Crimes is very good !

In Plain Sight and Unforgettable are good too.
No one can deliver her snappy lines so well like the Plain Sight gal - she's a natural. And Great writers !
Replace Good Wife with the Bones series. Rizzoli and Isles is a great series too !
Love the Strong Medicine series.

Ones I never watch - Good Wife, Joan of Acadia, Cold Case, Closer because I can't stand them. Cold Case is a good series with great music - but too sad. Brings you down the whole day. The Closer makes me sick from the extreme narcissist leading character. Can't stand that character who stomps on anyone in her way, including her own parents. Her job her way comes before life itself ! Can't stand that.

DeniseRollins 23 months ago
I Love Start TV Great shows especially the Good Wife , the Closer , The Cold Cases , In Plain Sight , I love watching my shows everyday and hope that they will be on always
PatFerryman 23 months ago
I watch medium, crossing Jordan, ghost whisperer, and in plain sight please don’t mess with them I don’t watch anything else except rifleman and bonanza
BrightFeather2 PatFerryman 23 months ago
You'd LOVE Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman ! And Touched by An Angel too.
MarilynRomanowski 23 months ago
Don't take off Unforgettable or Medium
Judy 23 months ago
Any chance of showing the series Alias with Jennifer Garner? Would love to see it again. Also Madame Secretary?
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