7 fascinating facts about Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: May 15, 2020, 2:35PM

When it comes to Westerns, many people think the genre peaked in the '50s and '60s. However, it wasn't until the '90s that Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman hit the air. Taking place in the 1800s, a wealthy doctor named Michaela Quinn moves from Boston to the Wild West after her father dies. When she arrives, she takes on a motherly role for her nieces and nephews while juggling her own practice — as the first female doctor the small town of Colorado Springs had ever seen.

The series wasn't expected to be picked up at all, but ran for six seasons, from 1993 to 1998. Here are some things you might not know about Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.


Joe Lando is almost as rugged as Sully

Lando didn’t want to get a stunt double, so unless something was very dangerous to do himself, it was all him. According to IMDb, Lando said he was willing to do things like eat worms and run on top of a train because he couldn’t imagine being given another opportunity to do so again.


‘Dr. Quinn’ was offered to Seymour at a lucky time

In an interview with NPR, Seymour admitted that she would have taken any role offered to her at the time of Dr. Quinn. "I'd been married to one of the top business managers and one day I found out that I was completely beyond bankrupt," she said. "Like $9 million in the red with lawsuits from every major bank including the FDIC." She had a day’s notice about Dr. Quinn's pilot before she signed a five-year contract the next morning.


Sully's many dogs

Throughout the series Sully's dog "Wolf" was played by numerous dogs. The first dog to take on the role was Cody who had his very own stunt double, Mica, who was used exclusivley for growling scenes. Cody eventually retired due to old age and was replaced by his son, Chaz.


There were a lot of cast changes

When the pilot aired, producers didn’t expect it to get picked up as a series, billing it as a TV movie instead. When it did get picked up, many actors were unable to commit to the grueling schedule and were replaced. Most notably, child star Erika Flores left her role as Colleen Cooper after two seasons when producers refused a raise. She was replaced with Jessica Bowman.


Mr. Rogers stopped by the neighborhood

Fred Rogers was a TV personality, but had never acted before. However, when he expressed how much he enjoyed Dr. Quinn, producers invited him to guest star as Reverend Thomas. It was the only fictional character he’s ever portrayed.


You can still join a fan club

If you were a big fan of William Shockley, who played the brothel owner Hank Lawson, you can join an active fan club called 'Hank’s Hussies,' which has an active Facebook Group to this day. As recently as 2014, the group attended a red carpet premiere for a movie he was in.


Albums were recorded at Jane Seymour's home

While filming happened, Seymour had to live in California, leaving her home in England empty. Well, kind of. St. Catherine's Court, her manor house, was used as a recording studio. Radiohead recorded OK Computer, The Cure recorded Wild Mood Swings and New Order recorded Waiting for the Sirens' Call.

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Kris 1 month ago
Love this show and reminds me of how ruff those times were and the bias of the Indian, African Americans And Chinese people's. It made me think about my attitudes and I changed. Thanks to everyone on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Jane also gave me the determination to get my Masters and to push to maintain my independence.
Diane 5 months ago
Its now 2022, & being unsure of the vintage of the above article I'm also unsure of the time frame of this Posting period.
Dr Quinn Medicine Woman is yet so popular it could yet be the current airing time.
I will verify it asap❣
Kris Diane 1 month ago
The article is right and it's still airing on channel 4.2
BrightFeather2 5 months ago
Best TV series EVER made ! But they ended it way too soon - it needed at least two more seasons and most TV series do go to at least 8 seasons anyway. What made them end it so soon with so much still up in the air !? It could have easily gone for 12 seasons. Would have made us out here happy ! Takes the reality out of it to try and continue it 25 years later skipping all those years. AS it was, the after movies practically destroyed the very theme of the series !
But the first two episodes they don't show was terrific. They have it as as pilot movie, but it's really the first two episodes. And it's terrific ! I have the DVD's since I need more a day then just the two morning episodes they show on Start TV. i have to have my Dr. Quinn dose at least twice a day. Love the town and the people and the way it makes you feel a part of it all. And finally a show that tells the truth about how the Indians were treated by the Yankees. Even if they got the territory part of it wrong - Colorado was a proud Confederate territory, not a US one. The US just invaded there like they did everywhere else. But that is why the Indians and the people were treated so badly since that is how the US treated all territories and states they had no right to be in.
Apparently the characters and writers did not know they were proud to be Confederate territories since they were truly free then - and that was all taken from them and the Indians, once the Yankees invaded. Confederates were friends to the Indian Tribes. It was the Yankees who killed off the Indians to steal their land. That brutal action by the Yankees disgusted the Confederates. The Confederates treated the Indians with kindness.
Heather 14 months ago
Why don't u ever play the pilot anymore?
BrightFeather2 Heather 5 months ago
They never did play the pilot on TV.
BrightFeather2 21 months ago
Sure would like to know how Joe Lando learned so fast to ride bareback so well - something I have never been able to learn no matter how I tried. I always slid to one side or the other as the horse would walk or move. He tossed himself up on those horses like he was flying or wired to get up there. He always landed so perfectly on the horses back. He did it so smoothly. Man I always wanted to be able to do that. How did Jane learn to ride so well ?
BrightFeather2 21 months ago
One correction - the three children Dr Mike raised were NOT her niece and nephews - they were a friend's children who on her death bed had Mike promise to raise them. It as the first real friend Mike made when she landed in Colorado Springs. She was the owner of the Boarding House Mike eventually made her Clinic.
It's the only partly stone building in town.
Such a homey town. You feel like you live there yourself as you watch it.


Kathy BrightFeather2 2 months ago
This is EXACTLY why they need to air the 1st 2 episodes/Pilot when they come back around to airing the 1st episodes! SO MUCH INFORMATION is given that makes future shows clear! It's a shame they just don't show them!
BrightFeather2 22 months ago
The Pilot is so important since it is what sets the stage for the entire wonderful series. The entire introduction comes from that Pilot. They should have never ended the series when they did - it needed at least another two seasons. This is by far the best series ever on TV and I've watched TV series going all the way back to the 1950's.!
The next best series was Touched by an Angel and Sue Thomas FBI. These series all had educational and historical substance and qualities plus left you feeling uplifted and better for seeing them.

The worst series they wasted time and film on was the dreaded "Good Wife" that could be listed as porn. It left you feeling nasty and dirty. Was nothing "good" about that 'wife' who was a serial adulterer and bed hopper. It totally mocks marriage . She was also out to double cross and backbite anyone she chose to as did the rest of the characters. Backbiters and deceivers all. A Terrible series.

Ellen 23 months ago
On Dr. Quinn, how come when they start over with the first episodes they always start with episode 3? They never show The Pilot.
edit1123 26 months ago
The children she mothered were those of a woman she befriended in Colorado Springs, not her nieces and nephews. I believe the series was set in the 1870s (the town wasn't named until 1871 or 1872; saying 1800s covers too much territory).
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