Can you match TV crime dramas to the correct city?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 18, 2018, 1:10PM
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Watching crime drama tests your moral compass, as you watch complex characters choose to walk either more noble or corrupt paths. But in every crime TV show, the city where it's set often becomes a character in itself. That's why we want to test your regular old compass and see if you can point to the correct city where popular crime dramas took place.

Scroll through 10 shows below and see how many cities you can stick a pin in. Good luck!
  1. On The Closer, Brenda runs the Priority Homicide Division of the police department in which city?
  2. Law & Order as a franchise has solved crimes in many cities, but can you remember where it all started for the original series?
  3. The Wire put this major U.S. city under a microscope:
  4. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is another series that branched off into different cities. Which city did the series start in?
  5. On Cold Case, Lily time-traveled to trace crime timelines in which U.S. city?
  6. Twin Peaks is actually the name of the city where the show takes place, but can you point to the correct state the series is set in?
  7. Here's another crime drama franchise: NCIS, which started investigating crimes involved with the Navy and Marines based in which city?
  8. On Dexter, we watched a cop pull double duty as a serial killer in which city?
  9. Fans of Bones know it followed an FBI agent based in which city?
  10. On Profiler, Ally Walker was an FBI agent based in which unusual city?
Can you match TV crime dramas to the correct city?

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Lara 40 months ago
Im luving all your female crime fighters!!!
Thank you for keeping smart, beautiful women on your channel ❣️
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