Marcia Cleveland took being tough to new lengths as an open water swimmer

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 9, 2019, 1:26PM

Marcia Cleveland is a swimmer, coach and author who has been swimming since before she was two years old. Having swum competitively most of her life, she began open water swimming in 1991 to "be one with nature." She told Start TV, "I loved how the conditions would change all the time. Every swim was different."

In 1994, she swam solo across the English Channel and later became one of only four American women to swim across the North Channel. She's also a Triple Crown Record Holder. Today she coaches other swimmers to go the lengths that she did. Cleveland said, "I often think about my swimmers that I coach when I'm swimming. They were tough, and I have to be, too."

Watch Marcia Cleveland discuss her record and offer advice for swimmers:

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